We are pleased to announce the publication of Perennial Earth: Poetry by Wallace Stevens and Paintings by Alexis Serio. The book pairs over thirty of Wallace Stevens's poems with an equal number of Alexis Serio’s landscape paintings. Both poet and painter use the beauty of planet earth as a setting for profound human reflection and feeling.

In his introduction, Glen MacLeod writes, “The aim of these visual-verbal juxtapositions is to enhance the reader's appreciation of these two artists who, though working in different mediums, both base their art on the inexhaustible correspondences between the outer world of nature and the inner world of human experience.”

The book was published by New Perennials Publishing (NPP), Middlebury, Vermont, a nonprofit whose aim is to foster critical thinking about issues in ecology and the environment. Grant funding allows NPP to provide books in free downloadable format at New Perennials Publishing.

One reader, a biologist, commented: "The book is a feast for the eyes and the mind."

This beautiful and engaging coffee table book is best appreciated in print. Printed books are sold "at cost" and not for profit.

The paperbound is $19.95 +$4 for shipping to total a cost of $23.95

The hardbound is $56.95 + $4 for shipping to total a cost of $60.95

To order, please contact me through direct message on social media or my website: Alexis Serio (